Respi 3 Capsule 60’s RM125.00

Working synergistically, Toku Tsuru Respi3 Capsule is a complete formula containing cordyceps, tiger milk mushroom and reishi mushroom that is traditionally used for relief of cough and cold.

• Relief of Respiratory Allergy (cough & flu)
• Relief of Asthmatic Symptoms
• Improve Respiratory Health

INGREDIENTS: Tiger Milk Mushroom (Lignosus rhinoceros), Cordyceps Sinensis & Reshi Mushroom (Garnoderma lucidum)

PACKAGING: 60 Vegetables Capsules

For adults only. Take 1 capsule, once daily after meal

1. Individuals experiencing respiratory illnesses
2. First-hand and second-hand smokers
3. Individuals working around industrial sites
4. Individual who seek to enhance immune health
5. Chef or cook
6. Individuals who seek to maintain respiratory system especially during the haze season

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• DNA profile certified for raw material
• Organic certified
• Suitable for vegetarian



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