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BLACK SESAME & RED BEAN POWDER is a good choice for breakfast and night snack. The black sesame, job tear’s, brown rice, red bean and glutinous rice are roasted at low temperature and finely ground. The whole milk powder from New Zealand is mixed to enhance a pleasant rich texture.

INGREDIENTS: Black Sesame, Job’s Tear, Brown Rice, Red Beans, Black glutinous rice, Milk Powder
WEIGHT: 450g
STORAGE: Store in a cool & dry place. Store in refrigerator after opening. Please consume within 2~3 months of opening.

1. Hot (Cold) drink 200C.C. : Add 3~5 teaspoons of Black Sesame & Red Bean Powder into appropriate amount of warm water 50C.C. Then, mix with 150C.C. hot (ice) water and stir evenly, you can adjust the amount according to personal preference.
2. Perfect for baking to enhance flavors.
3. It is normal to see sediments and oil after brewing.

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