Relish Mixed Nuts and Multiple Grain Powder RM82.00

Multiple Grains Mixed
Key Features
Enjoy every nutritious drink with your family!
Suitable for Vegetarians.
1. Full of nutrition containing carbohydrate, plant protein, dietary fiber, multiple vitamins and minerals. The high fibers contained can improve the gastrointestinal peristalsis.
2. Our Relish Mixed Nuts and Multiple Grain Powder contain multiple nutrients and has special flavor. It is the best choice to you & your family.
3. Strictly materials selected without any artificial additives. 100% pure grains materials without flour added. Good for health concern.
4. Vacuum treatment packing process keep the nutrition of Grains and Nuts retained. It is natural and nutrient foods and easily assimilated.

INGREDIENTS : Oat, Black Soybean (Green Kernel),Soybean, Pumpkin Kernel, Sunflower Kernel, Flaxseed, Oligosaccharide, Brown Rice, Buckwheat, Pine Nut.
WEIGHT: 500g
SHELF LIFE : 24 Months (Sealed)

1. Add 20-30g into appropriate amount of hot water (200C.C. approximately, and 70-90℃), mix and stir evenly; you can adjust the amount according to personal preference.
2. Mixed with soymilk, milk, oat milk, cereals to enhance the flavors.
3. Suggested added with flours when baking, making noodles and seamed breads to enhance the flavor.

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