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Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a phospholipid essential for proper and healthy brain function. As the global economy quickly evolves, new skills are required in order to thrive, including various cognitive skills such as problem-solving, lateral thinking and digital literacy. Neural development starts at the earliest stages of embryonic development and continues to develop during the first 15-18 years of life.

MemoSmat contains a rich source of phosphatidylserine extracted from soy lecithin that is essential for children to improve cognitive functions.

• Improves short term memory and inattention
• Improves cognitive functions
• Improves symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity

INGREDIENTS: Soy lecithin extract, Xanmax® Marigold Extract, Acelora cherry, Cocoa powder

PACKAGING: 10 sachets x 2g

Consume 2 sachet per day directly or mix with water. Consume 2 sachets continuously for 12 weeks for better result.

1. Picky eater
2. Student dealing with academic challenges
3. Vegetarian
4. Children who want to improve memory and sharpen thinking
5. Children who need to improve concentration and attention

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1. Contains marigold extract for healthy vision
2. Acerola contains Vitamin C 40 times richer than oranges
3. Cocoa powder rich in antioxidants and improving learning and memory functions
4. Kids’ favourite cocoa powder
5. Clinically proven
6. HALAL certified
7. Suitable for vegetarian


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