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The brain is enriched with phospholipid particularly phosphatidylserine (PS) that plays a major role in cell to cell communication and controlling the transmission of nerve impulse. However, globalization and industrialization processes and the lack of PS in modern diet have led to nutritional deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and lipids associated to cognitive difficulties.

MemoPro contains a rich source of phosphatidylserine extracted from soy lecithin and choline that work synergistically to improve cognitive functions.

US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) health claim:
• Consumption of PS may reduce the risks of cognitive dysfunction in the elderly
• Consumption of PS may reduce the risks of dementia in the elderly
• Improves cognitive functions

INGREDIENTS: Soy lecithin extract, Cholife natural choline, Acerola cherry & Yogurt Powder.

PACKAGING: 10 sachets x 2g

Consume 2 sachet per day directly or mix with water. Consume 2 sachets continuously for 12 weeks for better result.

1. Working adult in challenging working environment
2. Adult with memory decline
3. Vegetarian or individual who prefer low fat diet
4. Student facing academic challenges
5. Elderly who want to improve memory
6. Postpartum mother who want to improve memory and sharp thinking

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• Safe and no side effect cognitive improvement powder
• Clinically proven to support healthy cognitive function
• FDA & EFSA approved health claim
• Generally recognized as safe (GRAS) approved as safe to consume
• Suitable for vegetarian
• HALAL certified


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