Noble Wrist Rescue (Right) RM118.00

• Supporting wrist without affecting hand function
• Flexible, breathable and comfortable, suitable for daily use
• Ultra-thin material (0.52mm)
• Helps to relieve wrist pain and swelling associated with wrist injuries
• Increases energy during sports by enhancing the stability of the wrist
• Open wrap can be easily applied to injured wrist
• Hook and loop closures that adjust for the most comfortable and easy fit

Recommended for:
• Sports-active individuals
• People suffering from wrist problems
• People holding computer mouse for long hours daily

How to Use:
1. Put your thumb into the hole on the wrist rescue.
2. Stick the small belt along your wrist tight.
3. Stick the bigger belt along your wrist tight.

Sizes: Free Size

Colours: Black

– Use for wrist only
– Do not use this if you have wound or feeling itchy

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